Mathieu Hays

I’m a French Full Stack Web Developer based in London, UK. I currently work at Redwire where I developed my expertise for WordPress. I’m fluent in every part of the stack.

My front-end stack is composed with HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript (ES5). I use the BEM naming convention as well as the ITCSS methodology (using SASS). I recently stopped using jQuery in favor of ES5 and the polyfill service called (maintained by the FT Labs). Assets are optimised by a set of tasks I defined in Gulp (using such things as Google Clojure Compiler, Post CSS etc..).

I develop the backend using a custom PHP OOP architecture I improved over my career making sure the project is easily maintainable, easy for new developers to understand, flexible and cache-friendly.
I recently developed an interest in writing Unit Tests.

I also developed a big interest in server configuration. I’ve setup this website’s server countless times. (probably at least 10-15 times). This website currently runs on PHP7, Ubuntu 16 and Nginx. I set up my own Continuous Delivery Pipeline enabling me to automate the deployment to the server and integrate Unit Testing.

This website is my guinea pig. I use it to test new methodologies, technologies and optimisations before integrating them within my clients projects.

You can find me on Github & Twitter.